About Me

My interests (briefly) include: science – research and communication, animals, reading and collecting books, comedy, language, technology, politics, film and television, vegetarian(ism?), tea and “other”.

The images used in the design of this website were chosen to represent my love for wildlife and were all taken (by others) in Kenya, where I grew up (a little). 

I am now in the United Kingdom, where I have moved around a bit, but find myself in Liverpool once again, at home in a flat shared with my wife, a bunny, a hamster and two guinea pigs.

In 2014 I started a 3 year PhD (by research) at Liverpool John Moores University, which is supported by the Pain Relief Foundation.

More accurately: I am a PhD student member of a group within the Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour, based in the School of Natural Sciences & Psychology, which is part of the Faculty of Science at LJMU.

Prior to that, in 2013 I graduated from the University of Aberdeen, having read Neuroscience with Psychology (BSc. Hons.), as a part of the School of Medical Sciences, within the College of Life Sciences and Medicine.

(I can neither confirm nor deny that I wrote this section as an exercise in naming as many departments as possible, but I think I did rather well.)

Please also see my CV.

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