Hello world! (Again)

This is IdealA2.com V.2083, but I think this is the best it has ever looked. In earlier versions and years the website was a place for me to store photographs and files, experiment with building a site, or host TCotSY’s “stuff book” and forums.

More recently it has been a blog that I neglected and felt guilty about.

I promised I’d practice writing “stuff”, writing stories, writing commentary on the ills of society or train travel, reviewing books.

Instead, I found most of what I had to say could be condensed into a few words for twitter, or shared with a friend, and thus I wrote nothing.

As well as a place to practice writing, or not-writing, I will be using this site to host my CV and a personal profile, link to people, places and subjects I have an interest in, as well as talk about any “projects” I’m working on.

Here is to another beginning.

Adarsh Makdani (IdealA2)

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